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I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner
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Pre Wedding Anxiety
As your big day approaches nerves may kick in as you worry about:

Will I say my vows OK?
What if it rains?
Will the flowers arrive on time?
Family flare ups?
Will the food be enough?
Will it all come together?

The stress and nerves can all seem overwhelming and all of this can lead to anxiety, taking away the excitement in the lead up to your special day.

Wedding Day nerves
By the time the big day arrives your senses are heightened  and butterflies may give way to feelings of being sick, panicky and shaky.

Help is at hand
A coaching session before the wedding will ensure that you stay calm, collected and looking beautiful, enabling you to get the most from the day.

Best Man speech and presentation skills
Being asked to be the best man is an honour. Being asked to write and deliver a speech can be very daunting especially if you are not used to public speaking. The worry of, will I be heard, make them laugh  and do my role as best man justice  and the wanting it to go well, can build pressure and apprehension .

A coaching session takes care of any doubts and ensures that your audience gets the best from your speech.

Here are some quotes from  previous clients:

Testimonial Quotes
“I was blown away by the transformation in myself”

“Dulcie’s gentle and insightful coaching has a way
of getting to the heart of the problem”

“I'm delighted that Dulcie was there to support me!”

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how my coaching can help go to my web site:


Tel: 07964 290933   email: hello@celebrant-dulcie.co.uk  www.celebrant-dulcie.co.uk

Best man’s speech
presentation skills how to be the Best Man

Wedding Coaching Sessions
Wedding Day Nerves
and how to tame them!
(One session)

Best Man Speech Presentation Skills
and how to be the best
(one session)

Marriage Mission
how do you want your wedding and marriage to be? This is a lovely feel good session that  even when it all gets a bit stressful helps keep your focus

How to keep that ‘Honeymoon’ feeling
Two sessions on  the facets of marriage, values and goals

Marriage Values
This session explores both values and what is important top each other about life moving forward together as Man & Wife, deepens the understanding between you both

Get the best from your Relationship
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Tame those Wedding day nerves coaching session

Your Marriage Mission

 Marriage Values sessions

How to keep that
‘Honeymoon’ feeling sessions